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The Cobalt Blue Programming Language


Cobalt blue (or simply cobalt) is a java like language targeted on Viper. The syntax is very similar to Java , but it also has pointers unlike Java.


The VIPER Runtime


At the core of the CB Programming language is VIPER. VIPER is a Runtime Environment.  VIPER runs GEX Files in a virtual machine. 


Viper Executable File (.gex)


Cobalt compiles cobalt source code into Viper Assembly (AKA  VASM , or VIL). That source code is then compiled into a Viper executable file (.GEX file).  


The VASM Language


VIPER does not understand Cobalt code. When you compile a program your code gets converted into VASM (VIPER Assembly). VASM is the language that VIPER executes. Here is an example of a Hello, World program in VASM.



externdll 'vcorlib.vcl'

class Program proc main push string 'Hello, World!' call TextScreen::Writeln ret

   end class

Hello World!

This Program prints out Hello , World on the console
class Program
   public static void main()
       TextScreen.Writeln("Hello World!");

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